Andrij Kopynyak

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Andrij Kopynyak, also known as Phoenix as he never gives up, is the current Pole Dance & Sport Open Festival (Odessa) Champion in the Male and Doubles category, as well as the Champion of Pole Sport Ukraine 2014.From an early age, Andrij, loved to look at people who demonstrated their body mastery. Strength, speed, flexibility, endurance and agility were what inspired him so much, his mind became clearer when he recalled stars, such as Bruce Li, acting.

Andrij wanted very much to do the same. As Andrij was getting older this desire was more and more, so, anywhere he could do anything, learn from someone or at least see something new, he used each and every chance for self-development and it brought him real pleasure me.Andrij always reminded himself, when times were tough, that: “What one person can do, the other can do too”.  This taught him not to give up, but instead observe, read books, find out, train eternally, diligently and persevere – and finally he was finding the solution!

Now the time has come when Andrij can be the inspiration for someone else’s strong passion and it makes him happy. Andrij is greatly thankful to his childhood heroes – Jacky Chan, VanDam, Bruce Li and plenty of others, known and strangers, who inspired him to improve.

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  • Winner Best Costume – World Pole Dance Championships 2015 – Beijing,China
  • Pole Dance & Sport Open Festival, Odessa, 2014, Male Champion
  • Pole Dance & Sport Open Festival, Odessa, 2014, Doubles Champion
  • Pole Sport Ukraine, 2014, Champion

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