Anna Chigarina

Pole Dancer Presentation

Anna Chigarina has competed in IPDFA International Pole Championships and Miss Pole Dance Russia 2013, now to compete in the World Pole Sport & Fitness Championship 2015 in Beijing, China.

Anna Chigarina is from Russia and has been doing Pole dance for three years. Before pole, Anna did rhythmic gymnastics for 12 years and ranked at Master of Sports. Anna is a pole instructor at a studio in Russia. Because of pole dance Anna not only found friends, but also a pole family, as the instructor at Studio pole dance “Fleur” and is keen on her new life of a pole.

Pole Dancer Video


  • 3rd Place at the World Pole Dance Championships in Beijing, China
  • IPDFA International Pole Championship, Competitor
  • Miss Pole Dance Russia 2013, Competitor
  • Instructor at Fleur, Russia

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