Galina Musina

Pole Dancer Presentation

Galina Musina was awarded her first Runner Up position in the 2013 Russian Pole Championship. In 2014, she then became a finalist at the World Pole Dance Competition in London and became WORLD CHAMPION in the World Pole Dance Championships 2015 held in Beijing, China

Galina Musina was born in Tula, Russia. As a child, she started attending rhythmic gymnastics, music and dance. In 2010, she went to study in Moscow, where she lives at the moment. In Moscow, she teaches kids rhythmic gymnastics and beginner pole dance lessons for adults. In 2012 she attended her first pole dance class, and now it’s been one and a two years since she’s into it. During this period, she successfully performed in Russian competitions. She is the leading teacher at Pole dance school of Elena Marso contributing to pole dance expansion in Russia. She wants to have a style mix of dance, technics and emotion.

Pole Dancer Video


  • WORLD CHAMPION – World Pole Dance CHampionships – Beijing, China 2015
  • World Pole Sport & Fitness 2014, Finalist
  • Russian Pole Championship 2013, Runner Up
  • Lead Teacher at Pole Dance School of Elena Marso

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