Jacinta Diamonds

Pole Dancer Presentation

Jacinta Diamonds has won the Miss Pole Dance Western Australia 2 consecutive years (2014 and 2015) and also holds the title for Western Australia Professional Pole 2014 Champion.

Jacinta diamonds has been pole dancing for 8 years. She initially started pole dancing for the fitness aspect, but soon fell in love with heels, hotpants and sparkles. She now owns her own pole dancing school; Diamond Dance in Perth, Western Australia.

Jacinta loves performing, teaching, living and breathing pole dancing, but when she isn’t pole dancing, you’ll find her at the beach or hanging out with her cats.

Pole Dancer Video


  • Miss Pole Dance Western Australia 2015, Champion
  • Miss Pole Dance Western Australia 2014, Champion
  • Western Australia Professional Pole 2014, Champion
  • Owner of Diamond Dance, Perth, Australia

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