Ke Hong

Pole Dancer Presentation

Today, pole dance has no gender or racial discrimination but this wasn’t always the case and Ke Hong’s performance tells the story of how pole has evolved in China for a sport for men to enjoy equally as women.

His costume was part of that story as he came on stage representing a woman from the early days of pole within gentleman’s clubs and shows how pole has evolved from being associated with the exotic dance industry to today, where he is proud to express his art and sport of pole as a man.

This powerful and exceptionally well-choreographed routine was designed to be controversial to show the world the evolution of pole as a sport.

The male category is still only in its 4th year so his story is very relevant and as an artist he is proud of the opportunity to express this through his performance which contained power, strength and artistic interpretation that the 7 judges also saw and marked him accordingly.

Ke Hong competed in the Chinese Pole Dance championships in 2014 and placed in 2nd. Ke is now part of the China Pole Dance team and came 3rd in the World Pole Dance Championships in Beijing, China 2015.

Pole Dancer Video


  • Chinese Pole Dance 2014, Runner Up
  • 3rd Place in Mens Singles at The World Pole Dance Championships 2015

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