Polina Volchek

Pole Dancer Presentation

Polina Volchek, more commonly known as Pink Puma, has competed in numerous competitions, most recently 2nd place at the World Pole Dance Championships held in Beijing, China in April 2015. Also Pole Stars 2014 Champion with other titles include World Pole Dance 2014 Runner Up, International Pole Championship 2013 3rd place, World Pole Sport Championship 2012 and 2013 3rd place, Russian Pole Dance & Fitness 2012 Champion, American Pole Fitness 2012 Champion and Pole2Pole cup USA 2012 champion.

Pink Puma has been a part of the brutal environment of sport and show business industry for over 20 years. Since she was a child her qualities have always been her hard work, patience and stamina, which helped her move forward and succeed. At the age of 17, Polina, gained her Master of Sports qualification at an International Level. By this time her work experience includes many well-known entertainment corporations and sports organisations. Her performance background consists of a huge amount of sports, dance, martial arts and circus disciplines. In August 2011 this young artist decided to integrate her performance and competitive skills, dedicating her craft to Pole Dance and pursued new heights under the name of Pink Puma.  Her main goal is to bring even more artistry, athleticism, grace into Pole Dance and to promote it as an Olympic Sport.

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  • Pole Stars Championship 2014, Ultimate Champion and Pole Fit & Pole Art Champion
  • World Pole Dance Championship 2014, Runner Up and “Best Entertainer”
  • International Pole Championship 2013, 3rd Place and Pole Fit Champion
  • World Pole Sport Championships 2013, 3rd Place
  • World Pole Sport Championships 2012, 3rd Place
  • Russian Pole Dance and Fitness Competition 2012, Champion
  • American Pole Fitness Championship 2012, Champion
  • Pole2Pole Cup USA, Champion of Champions category 2012, Champion
  • Aerial silks artist in “Zumanity”, The Sensual Side of Cirque du Soleil 2011-2012
  • Semifinalist on “Ukraine’s Got Talent, Season 3” 2011


  • Top 48 Best acts on “America’s Got Talent, Season 5” 2010
  • Finalist of the TV-show “Minute of Glory – 4” 2009-2010


  • Triple Crown Champion of Russia in Rhythmic gymnastics 2002

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